The described below privacy policy identifies and explicates the guidelines for private information handling applied by our company Phonty on its business websites (further referred to as the 'Web Site', or the 'Web Sites' collectively). It also explicates how the Web Sites retrieve and exploit the personal information shared by users as a standard part of business transactions conducted on our Web Sites. Here you can also learn how you can influence this process of information handling and how you can manage your personal information on our web resources or ask for its removal.


We hereby claim the right to obtain following types of information: a) data that can reveal your identity which is voluntarily shared by you as a part of Web site exploration, services and products ordering and the general registration procedure, as it is outlined further in this Policy; b) the array of data retrieved automatically as the Phonty website tracks your interactions and searches related to the product. If you share any personal details with us by means of our Web sites or via Websites that lead to our official page, it is taken as your consent to this Privacy Policy. Our intention is to use this sensitive information only for purpose of conducting legal transactions with you that include giving you the right to use products and services you request. We never disclose our customers' personal details except for two cases: we share them with our official partners providing supplementary services to you as explained below; they may be disclosed under appropriate court order. Our overall data protection system has several levels of security so that to ensure its inviolacy.

Supplementary Services Providers

On our Websites we place the links leading to other sites that may be useful to you, yet these Websites may practice a different Privacy Policy. If you willingly provide any data directly to those sites it shall be covered by their Policy. So prior to sharing any data please study their privacy terms with utmost attention.

Data That Can Reveal Your Identity And Other Sensitive Data

Our Websites are open for everyone to explore, yet using some advanced options on the site may require disclosing some of your personal info. The advanced options may be ads placement, visiting Platinum Services Section, purchasing additional services, joining forums, discussion boards, chatrooms and surveys, entering contests, promotion events and subscribing for news delivery via email. If you need or want to access some of the mentioned option it will be necessary to disclose some information that may partially compromise your anonymity, including name, postal address, current email and other data. To check the validity of the profile you created we shall send you a test email letter welcoming you in premium segment of the site. This email address will be used exclusively for communicating you messages regarding purchase and use of software product and supporting services, answering your enquiries and generally helping you to manage your personal page on our Website. Should you find it impossible to disclose such kind of information or to have it stored on our Website you will most probably be denied the right to enter some sections of the Website or to use some advanced options.

We employ all appropriate measures to keep you private information like email or name protected and inaccessible to others. We will apply for your clear consent prior to disclosure of your private information if the need arises. If according to the prompt of the security system you create a personal password to protect the data you supply please keep watch over your privacy as you type the password so that no third party learned about it. If you need to manage your account on our site in public places or need to share your computer with other users please log out and close the window of a browser you use after your session is finished. It is your exclusive obligation to ensure the secrecy and safe storage of your password.

Sometimes third party web sources may provide us with emails to use for commercial ads placement. If you are opposing the idea of receiving the messages of mentioned nature please opt out of this offer by ticking a box, hitting the dedicated button on the site or following the interactive link available in every email. It is your right to reach us anytime in a way mentioned below the text of the Policy and ask us to delete your email from the mailing list.

The Array Of Data Retrieved Automatically

Our Website automatically collects and employs specific information necessary for improving your user's experience as you explore and use our Website. In particular, our site utilizes the 'cookie' feature to optimize your navigation through our site and to display you options you might like. 'Cookies' are tiny light-weighing files that are being rooted onto your hard drive by your browser as you search our site. They help keep record of your searches, navigation, settings you select and topics you look for on the site and generally help to define frequency of visits and time average spent on the site. So once you have fine-tuned your account and your preferences in the password-protected sections of the Website there will be no more need to re-renter them during your following visits. We also need to employ so called pixel tags (image files containing a single pixel and invisible to users, typically named web beacons, clear GIFs or transparent GIFs) that allow retrieval of earlier placed 'cookies'. These tags also allow counting both visitors on the site and those who opened HTML-adapted emails we sent. All information retrieved through 'cookies' and tags does not belong to personally identifiable data and can only be employed for creating a generalized image of interests of our users and for improving ads and services served to them. Other kind of information that shall be retrieved from you is data stored in 'log files' that record Internet activities particular for your computer including its IP-address (the permanent number attached to your computer on the Web), time spent on browsing, and pages visited. This information is not a means of revealing your identity and can serve only for analyzing users' browsing preferences, collecting some broad demographics about our users, and managing the site better to match the navigation of users. IP address can be used for personal identification only within the security framework of the site if we need to deliver premium services you have ordered. All in all, this data are presented in impersonal aggregate mode and used to evaluate the traffic on our sites and optimize your experience as our customer.

Additionally, owners of third party sites who advertise on the Web and deliver supporting services can also collect cookies, logs or clear GIFs for the similar purpose of measuring traffic and enhancing the efficiency of their advertizing through targeted demonstration of ads as well as for other purposes. Please remember that we have no power to influence the privacy regulations of these third party web sources. We strongly advice to read these Policies of third party sites prior to conducting any searching or purchasing activities on these sites even if you opened this third party page through the link placed on our official site. These third party resources are free to collect the mentioned aggregate browsing data and this collection will be regulated by their own rules. We provide these third party links as it is commonly done by most sites to facilitate acquiring of our services and to make your navigation convenient, hence we are free from any liability regarding business practices of these sites, their information collection rules etc.

Other Potentially Identifiable Information

If we request information that may partially identify you (the demographic information about age, education or income of your household) we will keep it discreet and protected. The way we use these data will never compromise your privacy and reveal your personality to any third party. Hence any information shared according to the given Privacy Policy will be depersonalized and presented as aggregate clusters ('aggregate' hear standing for very broad generalizations about demographics of a particular group). The only possible deviation from our Policy can be made only according to legal demands as laid out in the next clause 'Legal Matters'.

Legal Matters

We take the issue of your personal information protection and discreetness of your activities on our web resource very seriously. We will never disclose any of it except the cases described below. We will have to access or reveal the information stored in your account, your personal info, information retrieved and saved during your use of our software/services or your messages to us if: 1) it is prescribed by law or it is necessary to settle the law suit filed against us because of your activity; 2) it will help to reveal potential breach of the EULA and conditions of services delivery committed with purpose of breaking the law whether directly or by facilitating a crime; 3) it is necessary to prevent and investigate fraud; 4) if we have to protect safety, property, rights and other material and immaterial possessions of our company, its employees, clients and the public. You give your agreement to accessing and sharing your data in cases described above.

If it happens so that the company Phonty undergoes changes in its legal structure or ownership (as a direct result of merger and acquisition procedure, reassignment or liquidation of the company, operations on its assets, equity or other portions of property) or in case of sale & purchase operations involving its publishing assets and/or websites, the sensitive data of users of these assets/sites shall be made available to a purchaser as a part of acquisition procedure. We have no direst obligation to inform you of such ownership changes. So please regularly look through the Privacy Policy for possible changes in conditions and the company contact details. If you insist on having your personal data deleted or changed because of changes in the Policy, contact the new company/website owner through the contact details provided below this text. Similarly you can demand the update or removal of your data through our contact information currently available below.

We hereby notify you that log records of your activities in your Phonty account are stored for three months and then erased automatically for security's sake. You can download them and store for use in future, if you deem necessary.


If you want to be removed from our mailing list, just click on the dedicated link available in every email or send your request via contacts provided below. It may take the staff up to 30 (thirty) days to accomplish the requested operation.

If you need to make certain amendments to personal data kept in our databases or want to have it deleted send your request via contacts provided below this text.


We explicitly claim that our website(s) and services are not geared to be used by children or adolescents who are under 18. Our company does not have an intention to retrieve the personal data of young children and teens who are underage. We strongly advise parents and official guardians to keep control over children's activity on the Web and to promote online security by explaining children that they should not share their personal data or the data about parents/guardians via our sites prior to obtaining the parents/guardians permission.


We dedicated a lot of efforts and resources to protection of your data, so our data storage system features the latest software and hardware developments available on the market as well as network monitoring tools that safeguard the privacy of the information you reveal to us according to the good practices of industry. Our third party partners also comply with high data security requirements and employ measures of encryption and user verification to maintain the required level of discreetness. After you enter your personal data on our website, they are stored on protected servers with high alert firewalls. Only few members of our staff are legally authorized to access these data and anyone possessing the access permission is bound to ensure the security of these data in full concordance with this Privacy Policy. These staff members can use the mentioned data only for delivering the services offered by Phonty and cannot apply these data to any other purposes. The punishment for breaching this regulation may be legal suit and financial penalty, up to firing. We do apply all possible precaution measures to ensure safe transmission of your sensitive data from your PC to our servers and to keep it protected on our servers, yet we cannot guarantee the 100% safety of data transmission via Internet or its storage due to the nature of electronic communication means and processes. Hence we cannot completely guaranty the discreetness of your data, yet the possibility of its leakage is extremely small.


We as the company owners have the right to adjust and update this Privacy Policy as often as we see it necessary, so please take time to check it regularly. We take obligation to publish the updated text of the policy on the Website as soon as it is changed, yet we are not obliged to notify you additionally about these changes. See the date below this Policy to know if the changes were applied since you have reviewed it. Any new conditions added will cover all information previously obtained from you as well as the details we will obtain afterwards, and these conditions may foresee lesser limits for data disclosure or use. If we do introduce this kind of changes tackling the data disclosure matter we will post this updated Policy prior to putting it into effect. We may notify our customers about these changes through an announcement on the main page, but this notification is optional. In case you take the new conditions explained in the updated Policy as inacceptable please inform us and we will extinguish the data already provided by you. However, as you disclose your sensitive data in the process of using our site or accepting services you also automatically accept the terms of the official Privacy Policy valid at the moment of data disclosure.


When it is necessary to place requests or enquiries regarding the described privacy guidelines or you need to delete your data from our storages please inform us via following channels:

E-mail: [email protected] . Please include words "Re: Privacy Policy" only in the subject field.

Effective version of the Policy: June 15, 2014