Location history

With Phonty you can monitor the route history of a target device remotely. This feature allows you to:

  • check Monitor the whole daily route of a target device;
  • check See when the particular zone was visited;
  • check Access all information from your Control Panel.
Location History Tracker

info Available on both apple IOS & Android Android

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Location history?

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Why this feature useful?

While some mobile users think that Android location history is 100% useless feature, other have already benefited from it. This particular function is becoming more and more popular with caring parents and people who want to protect their relatives and family members from any troubles. What is the key mission of the iPhone location history? It lets users cope with several tasks at the same time. On the one hand, after downloading maps location history app you will get an access to an advanced navigation software available for mobile devices.

Using this software you will have a chance to track any target device from the distance. A tracked user will not even know that you are using the location history for Android or iOS to track him or her. On the other hand, phone location history application will deliver the exact and precise daily routine of the smartphone you target.

Such application will be a good fit for both personal and business needs. Whether you are a serious businessman eager to increase the level of productivity and prevent your employees from missing their work pretending they are sick. Or you are a caring parent or loving wife who wants to see where your beloved son or husband are going throughout the day. This is where our location history app will come in handy. You will get a full information on all venues and places visited by a tracked person. Use the control panel to access all necessary data or check it right from your smartphone with the help of cell phone location history.

We provide an easy guide and tutorial for users who still do not have the foggiest idea of how to check location history on iPhone or Android. Here you will find some useful videos and screenshots to get a full access to an extended list of features delivered by our application. Choose your package that will fit you the most and start using the app right after the download is completed. Feel free to ask any questions and use support service available round the clock.