Keylogger for Android & iPhone

With the keylogger option on your device you can view every keystroke and see the keylogger logs. Phonty allows you to:

  • check Monitor all messages sent by your kids or employees via apps like WhatsApp and Viber;
  • check Track keywords used in Google, Bing, Yahoo and what they are trying to find;
  • check View all information from your Control Panel.
Keylogger for Android & iPhone

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Why is This Feature Useful?

iPhone keylogger is not a privilege today, but a must-have. And here is why. The global web comes as an enormous digital source of information. We can use different search engines and browsers to find any piece of information, ay article, any product we need. It seems like you can hardly think of a good that you will not find on the web. Digital shelves are full of products and information that can be both useful and harmful at the same time. This is where you may need an efficient remote keylogger to protect your children from inevitable consequences of harmful effect of the Internet.

How to Use Keylogger Software?

The keylogger softwareis based on some simple principles although it features advanced technologies. Every time you need to find something on the web, you type a particular combination of words in the search bar. They are also known as the key words. It means that if you are typing “buy a gun” all the time, you are hardly looking for a Teddy Bear for Christmas.

This is where keylogger for Android will be a good option. If you need to track your kids’ online mobile activity as well as what they are typing in their mobile browsers, take the advantage of our keylogger for Android. It is very easy to use and does not call for some special skills. All you need is to install Android keylogger and enable a necessary function in accordance with your package.

How Can Android Keylogger Help?

If you want to increase the level of productivity in your team and prevent employees from visiting harmful websites, our keylogger for iPhone might help. Every time your employee visits a harmful website, it can result in viruses or DDOS attack what is even worse. All your business data will be put at risk. Keylogger for iPhone will protect you and track all websites and keywords used by your employees. At the same time, you will get information on every team member who regularly recalls for data that is hardly related to his or her professional responsibilities.

Finding the best keylogger is not as easy as it may seem considering plenty of offers at the App Store and Google Play. We introduce a versatile and flexible mobile solution that brings all mazing features right to your smartphone. You can access and manage the tracked device right from your control panel.