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Need to know GPS location of a target device? Phonty easily allows you to:

  • check Instantly check the whereabouts of a target device;
  • check See the route history;
  • check Access all information from your Control Panel.
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Why is This Feature Useful?

A GPS tracker for kids today is a must-have. With so many dangers around there, parents call for a reliable helper and tool that will keep their children from any threat. The world we live in is far from perfection. If you are fed up with sleepless nights waiting for your daughter to come home from the party, our kids GPS tracker is a perfect solution. How many times have you worried about your son coming home from school when it is dark in the street? Would you like to be always aware of his location no matter what happens? Our personal GPS tracker is the app you really need.

Phonty is not a typical child GPS tracker. We have designed a unique tool that will appear to be a personal bodyguard for your kids. Every time they meet with friends after school to spend time at the pitch, in a cafe or movie, you will always be able to define the exact position of your children. Based on advanced and innovative navigation technologies, our hidden GPS tracker will deliver the most precise and exact information on every location.

Moreover, you can keep the record of all venues and places visited by your kids as well as define your restricted areas. Every time your son or daughter leaves the given zone, our GPS tracker for phone will send you an immediate notification. You will always be able to track the location of the phone round the clock and find out where you kids are at the moment with maximum precision.

Key Benefits of Family Locator GPS Tracker

With so many tracking apps that appear today, a few of them can deliver a full set of functions in one product. Our real time GPS tracker brings all essential features and benefits to one application. Use PhontyGPS tracker app and benefit from the following capabilities:

  • check Get precise data on the location of the tracked device;
  • check Create your personal circle and add any family member you need to track;
  • check Receive alerts and notifications;
  • check Build the shortest and safest routes for your kids coming home from school;
  • check Make the stick to the route and more.

If you are looking for the best phone GPS tracker, Phonty is certainly the one you will appreciate. We introduce an award-winning GPS phone tracker that additionally features user-friendly interface and intuitive control panel. Here you will get an access to every function delivered by GPS cell phone tracker also known as Phonty. Take care of your family members in spite of the device or mobile platform they use. We provide a flexible solution in the face of our iPhone GPS tracker also available for Android