Frequently Asked Questions

question-icon What is Phonty? arrow

It is a revolutionary monitoring app for tablets and smartphones. Phonty is designed for employers who want to increase productivity of their employees and parents trying to ensure safety of their children. It allows you to stay informed about calls, SMS, geographical location changes and many other actions. The software gets information from a tracked device and transfers it to an account that is automatically created for you after purchasing Phonty. You can access your account (Control Panel) from any device connected to the Internet. The program works with the majority of smartphones: jailbroken iOS versions 6 to 9.3.3; Android 7+ (both rooted and not rooted). With reasonable prices, round-the-clock support, and a wide range of subscription plans, you get the best price-quality ratio.

question-icon How exactly does it work? arrow

As soon as Phonty is installed on a tracked device, it starts collecting information and sends it to your Control Panel. You can connect to it by using any browser. Select a suitable Phonty plan and complete a purchase. After that you will receive an email with installation guidelines and login information, required for accessing your Control dashboard.

Remember that in order to install the software, you will have to physically access the intended device, open its browser, enter the obtained Phonty download link and then download the software. When you install the program, you accept the obligation to use it legally, which means that you should notify targeted people, i.e. your child or employee, about your intention to monitor them and receive their consent.

question-icon How can Phonty help? arrow

You can use Phonty every time you want to gain information from a target device, and all you need is to install our app on a particular smartphone you want to track. The system will automatically collect all necessary data and transfer it to your personal control panel.

question-icon Does Phonty work worldwide? arrow

Phonty works regardless of the chosen mobile network operator and the geographical location of a targeted smartphone. Even though the software is compatible with all mobile operators, you need to make sure that the chosen service provides substantial data allowance, which is necessary to send tracking information to your control dashboard. That is why the Internet connection should be on all the time.

question-icon Is Phonty compatible with my smartphone? arrow

Phonty supports almost all popular mobile devices based on iOS 9.3.3 and lower, as well as Android 7+.

question-icon Is there any way to detect Phonty on a device? arrow

When installed properly, the software starts working in hidden mode. You can choose whether to make the Phonty icon appear on the desktop, or keep it hidden. Please note that by getting the software up and running, you oblige yourself to immediately inform owners of the device that it is being monitored. Installing Phonty onto a mobile phone or other device you do not have the right to monitor is illegal.

question-icon Is Phonty legal? arrow

It is legal to use the software as it was designed with very important purposes in mind: to help parents protect their kids and to assist employers with improving productivity at a workplace. Please look through the following points and make sure that your objectives are in line with them:

  1. You are going to install Phonty to ensure the safety of your young children;
  2. You are about to use Phonty on your smartphone or tablet;
  3. You need Phonty to track company-owned mobile devices distributed among employees, who are aware of the software

You are responsible for determining if you have the right to track a targeted device. It is your obligation to know your local laws and regulations and determine which agreements and disclosures may be necessary for installing and using the monitoring software. If you would like to learn more about the jurisdiction and rules, please contact a certified attorney in your area. Phonty is not authorized for giving any legal advice.

question-icon Is it possible to install Phonty remotely? arrow

No, unfortunately not. If you want to install Phonty on a device you want to track, you will need a short-term physical access to it. Please note that Phonty requires jailbreak on iOS devices and may require rooting on Android.

question-icon What is the installation process? arrow

Phonty for Android devices

If the device you are going to track is based on Android, you have two options: you can either install Basic plan with limited tracking capacity or install regular Premium Phonty plan (rooting will be required). It is better to opt for the latter option if you need to track Viber, Skype, WhatsApp, Snapchat and Gmail activities. However, in this case your device must be rooted. To root an Android phone, you need to open your control panel and follow the provided instructions. If you have any difficulties with it, you can contact our support team.

Phonty for iOS devices

In order to download and install the software with full monitoring capacity, it is necessary to jailbreak a smartphone you are willing to track. To begin with, you need to ensure that jailbreak is possible for a phone you want to track, as this procedure may not be available for the newest iPhones. In order to figure out if jailbreak is available, please visit this website and check whether your iOS version is on the list. Jailbreak normally takes no longer than half an hour and you can easily do it yourself. To do so, please follow this guide. When the jailbreak is completed, you can access your personal account and start monitoring

question-icon Is it possible to uninstall Phonty? arrow

Yes, uninstalling Phonty is easy. You can uninstall the app at any time via your control panel.

question-icon Where does the collected data go? arrow

As soon as the software is installed on the target phone and connected to the Internet, it starts collecting data and sending it to your Control panel. As long as you have a proper Internet connection, you can access your account and view all collected information.