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Phonty allows you to view incoming and outgoing emails on a monitored device. Our app allows you to:

  • check Read all incoming, outgoing and draft emails;
  • check Indicate the exact time and date of both sent and received messages;
  • check Check email history;
  • check Access the mailbox from your Control Panel.
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Why is This Feature Useful?

Today, we cannot imagine our lives without the Internet, mobile applications and emails. However, those tools would look more than strange at least a couple of decades ago. We are used to them, as they come as essential helpers whenever we need to transmitter share different data in spite of the distance and time. The Internet brought numerous great tools to us that we use both at home and at work. On the other hand, the global web has turned into a pool of viruses, harmful content and other things that can be to the detriment of your kids’ development or productivity. Although we spend much time in a virtual world featuring online shopping, digital currency and data transmission, email spy will protect your business and family in real life.

Phonty email tracker appears to be a good solution to this problem. Would you like to know what type of content your kids send and receive? Would you like to make them steer clear of violence, pornography and other bad things that may have a negative effect? Would you like to have a reliable email tracker always by your side? In this case, our email tracker app is certainly the right solution.

No doubt, Phonty is the best email tracker you can ever find. A Spy on email has never been more efficient before. Our dedicated specialists managed to develop an award-winning email spy software for different needs. You can use it to check the email history of your children or employees. This service will deliver the exact information on data, time and sender. Moreover, you are free to use your control panel whenever you need to access email spy right from your account.