Which Data Is Retrieved From You And Purposes Of Its Use

We need to collect from your computer only certain types of data that mostly do not identify you personally. It will be used for creating arrays of anonymous statistics of the site usage and for more targeted and appropriate marketing. The only information of personal character is your name and contact data like phone, email and postal address. You will disclose it only once while creating an account and it will not be transferred to any third party except for cases mentioned below.

Marketing Activity

If you do not provide your clear explicit consent to receiving promo emails and similar marketing content, we will not deliver you the mentioned info via email. If you decide to withdraw from our mailing list some time later, simply click the 'unsubscribe' link in any mail or request this service in a new email.

Cookies, Logs And Web Analytics

Placement of cookies is a normal practice of websites which are used by millions of users. Cookie is a tiny piece of text file that your browser roots on the hard drive of your computer so that to facilitate your future work with a particular site. A cookie per se does not carry or retrieve any data; it is a kind of a benchmark that prompts the website to show you the previously selected preferences and to remove the ads that do not relate to your previous searches. Cookies make navigation easier and help finding the necessary info faster, all in all they help to adjust the site to your taste and needs. To do this kind of customization, we need to get data about previously visited sites, downloads, country and domain of the user and the sites accessed after users' visit to our company page. All data are anonymous and are not openly related to users' identity.

We employ another standard in the industry - log files - to retrieve technical data about our own site, so these logs help to keep count of numbers of visitors and to adjust the capacity of our site with regard to retrieved information. Logs help us to improve the layout of the site in order to make it more accessible and user-friendly, so the only data we retrieve is numbers without links to users' identity.

We process these arrays of raw data through Google Analytics and retrieve them in shape of generalized databases, and it helps us to improve our advertising practices as well as to optimize the site.

Cases Of Legally Justified Data Disclosure

It is not our purpose and task to share, disclose or in other way disseminate your personal data, so we will never do it except for the following situations: we may disclose some portion of the data with third party services vendors who supply supporting or additional services as our subcontractors. These vendors are strictly prohibited to use the data you provide for their own promotional efforts. We may also partially disclose your sensitive data if it is explicitly required by law regulations or we are presented with a court order prescribing to share the data in this particular case.

Links Leading To Other Resources

Please mind that if you follow the link leading to a third party site you are leaving the area of our jurisdiction and enter the area where the different policies and guidelines are applied. So prior to taking any activities there take care to read their policies and guidelines regarding privacy and data gathering and usage.

Data Security

We fully recognize the seriousness of the data protection and potential harm that leakage of personal data may cause, so we employ all adequate measures of technical, administrative and physical nature to prevent such accidents. Our measures are aimed against any intentional or unintentional deletion, distortion, loss, sharing, selling or other forms of illegal handling of user's personal data entrusted to us.

Updates To The Given Privacy Policy

We do claim the inalienable right to modify or alter this policy whenever necessary, yet these amendments will not diminish the current level of data security. We intend to provide you with the highest data protection level and to maintain this standard in the future. Any changes introduced to these security guidelines will be at once posted on the site for your convenience.

Rights Of Data Management

You have full and inalienable right to control the amount and content of the data we possess about you. You can request the alteration or complete extermination of these data, ask to withdraw you from our mailing lists or revoke your permission to process and store your data.

Cookies Acceptance/Rejection Settings

Today most browsers have a function of managing cookies placement and selecting the level of privacy and the data intactness you would like to have. The browser will prompt you how to accept/reject cookies, be informed about possible cookies placement and remove cookies already stored on your PC. However, refusing to accept cookies will influence your browsing experience to a large extent, making our website and some services partially inaccessible to you. Some sections of the site will locked for you if you deny us the attempt to place cookies necessary for displaying the site properly. Cookies are easily cleared out from your computer's hard drive any time you choose to do it. It can be done in browser settings. To learn more and feel secure about cookies please go to www.allaboutcookies.org

Effective version of the Policy: June 15, 2014