Call History Tracking

Phonty lets you see the complete call log history of a tracked device. With Phonty you can:

  • check See who's calling on a target device and vice versa;
  • check See all contact names and their numbers;
  • check See how many calls have been made / received;
  • check View call duration;
  • check Access all data from your Control Panel.
Call History Tracker

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Call History?

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Why is This Feature Useful?

How can a call logs history help? Why this feature is a must for every app for tracking mobile devices? The answer is very simple. Every time you want to take the advantage of the exact time and date the call was made or received, our application is certainly the right tool to choose. It provides an extended iPhone call log history as well as call history from other portable devices in spite of their mobile platform.

Our application comes as an essential remote tool to track the call log history with only a couple of taps. You will always be aware of whom your spouse is talking to and for how long. The application will transmit all necessary information and track it directly on your smartphone. All you need is to install it on the device you want to track. Once you are done, you will benefit from the following capabilities:

  • check Call log records including incoming and outgoing calls;
  • check Detailed call logs history including time, date and duration of the conversation;
  • check Fast uploading of every call right to your Phonty account and more.

We deliver an extended selection of amazing features. You can use the app to play any conversation once again whenever you need. You are free to listen to them right from our website or your personal mobile device. Your relatives and employees will never know you are using our tracking app.

Extended Call Logs History in Details

Whether you look for a reliable tool to keep your kids away from troubles or want to check your partner if they are cheating or not, our app is the best solution.

If does not matter if you need to follow your personal or professional goals. Our application has a set of essential functions that will let you cope with any task. Every time you want to take care of your kids, Phonty will be there. Every time you think your beloved person is in trouble, Phonty will be there. Every time your employees shows a low level of productivity, Phonty will be there! We introduce you award-winning reliable personal helper that will take care of your friends and family in the real world.