Kids are engaged in sexting

7-Year-Old Kids Involved in Sexting

The title sounds as frightening as the real situation is. The global web brought plenty of new opportunities to its users as well as many different hidden threats for our kids. Shocking headlines appear in newspapers around the world every day. They include 10-year-old kids buying guns online as well as children aged 12 involved in sexting. They now have an unlimited access to various websites and online services using their mobile devices. The only way to stop the threat is to use special cell phone tracking applications.

A growing number of kids involved in sexting n British schools is shocking. Local teachers tell numerous stories describing real facts of sexting incidents in their schools. As a rule, they include children aged 12-16. However, the latest news was even more overwhelming than ever. A 7-year-old boy was caught sexting by his teacher.

More than 1,500 kids were arrested in effort to commit a firearm offense. Most of them purchased guns online. 1,200 kids were spotted sexting. The number of cyberbullying occasions is increasingly high. Parents to keep their children safe from troubles. Phonty tracking app is here to lend you a hand. Keep your family members away from restricted resources, gambling websites and porn hubs.

The best bet is to keep in touch with every social activity performed by your kids via smartphones. Phonty is a perfect software to handle the task. Today, you also have a chance to establish an efficient parental control using special spy software. A growing number of tracking apps is available online.

Phonty is certainly one of the most recognizable products available on the web for both iOS and Android platforms. It comes as an efficient tool whenever you want to keep your children away from any online threats in spite of their age. The application comes with advanced GPS and tracking software to keep in touch with the current location and content shared via various mobile services and social networks.