US teens have Tinder date

Tinder App Grows Popular among US Teens

Dating applications have taken the mobile users by storm. New services appear letting people find a perfect match online in spite of their location. Dating services make it easy to find a person who shares common interests and hobbies. Tinder is certainly one of the hugest networks where users are looking for a soul mate using specific parameters and matching algorithms. The latest statistic shows that the app is extremely popular among US teens. It means that your children are also likely to use it.

Most parents are not concerned about their kids’ mobile activity. On the one hand, dating apps like Tinder look safe. Is it so? Or is it better to keep them away from such services? What are the threats that may result from using Tinder by teenagers?

The results of the survey conducted in 2015 revealed 24% of teenagers who hook up or meet other people using Tinder app. That percentage has gone up over the last two years. You are wrong if you think there is nothing bad in meeting new people via dating websites and services.

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