7 Steps To Keep Your Children Safe

7 Easy Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

Today, kids have an unlimited access to the global web. They use their smartphones to chat or perform various activities within social networks and other platforms. They share photos and images. They discuss various issues or use dating applications to find their match.

Such innovations seem to be great unless it was not for cyber bullying, sexual exploitation, violence scenes and other threats that our children have to face every day while staying online. Luckily for parents, there is a good solution to this problem. Spy software will turn into your personal mobile bodyguard and keep all bad people away from your children. You will always know if your kids are doing something bad or if they are talking to some bad people. Here are some easy steps to keep them away from any danger using tracking application to spy on WhatsApp, Viber and other mobile services.

Monitor Facebook
You can track your kids’ Facebook messenger activities using spy apps. They will deliver a full information all the content published or shared. You will get an access to their FB accounts and observe the topics discussed and comments shared. Parents will get an access to all necessary data remotely.

Monitor Skype
Skype is certainly one of the most popular messengers today. It lets users perform video calls and group chats. Phonty will keep the record of all conversations and documents shared via the messenger. You can also track all contacts as well as new connections.

Monitor WhatsApp
WhatsApp is another popular messenger mainly used by Android devices. Phonty will let you track every message sent via this service. Moreover, you can keep in touch with all contacts, block call logs and view the message history. Use your Phonty control panel to get an access to all necessary features and track WhatsApp.

Monitor SMS
If you want to find out what are your kids chat about, just install Phonty app to their smartphone and monitor all SMS, both sent and received.

Track GPS
Phonty is a versatile solution to provide efficient parental control. We have implemented some of the latest GPS technologies to let you track the exact location of a target device round the clock. You will always know where your kids are.

Monitor Online Activity
Phonty provides detailed reports on all visited websites and pages. You will always stay aware of resources preferred by your kids. Moreover, you can track their Internet activities remotely. Just deliver our application to their mobile device and start monitoring.

Spy on Multimedia
Teenagers share thousands of multimedia files each day. Do you want to know what those files are? Phonty is the best solution to the problem. Use your control panel and vie every file sent or received by your kids. They may include photos, videos, images and other content.