• Teens tend to phone messaging apps

    More and more young people and kids are moving their digital social lives to cell messaging apps. By doing this, teens hope to get more privacy in their online social lives and hide several aspects of their inner world from their parents. Are you sure that your kids are on the right way in their life? read more arrow

  • Britain’s school children as young as 12 are experiencing a “sexting crisis”

    According to The Times investigation, the schools in the UK have been hit by sexting epidemic involving kids as young as 12!

    The Times has recently conducted an interesting investigation, which included 50 schools and figured out that a third of all cases of sharing sexual imagery online  featured kids aged 12 and 13. read more arrow

  • At least quarter of US teens have dated or hooked up with a Tinder date

    Mobile apps have become a norm these days and children all over the world use them on a day to day basis. One of most popular meeting apps, if not the most popular one, is Tinder. Think your child doesn’t use it? Think it is safe?

    I would not be so confident. According to a series of focus groups of over 100 teens across the U.S. conducted by Pew Research Center in 2015, 24% of teenagers claimed to have dated or hooked up with someone they met online. Moreover, according to the latest research, more than 3 million thirteen-to-seventeen-year-olds are on Tinder alone”.   read more arrow

  • How you can keep your child safe for just $1 a day?

    Modern times are really tough for parents to keep their children on the right track. Believe it or not, children in present world are more prone to negativities and get across troubles like cyber bullying, explicit content watching, misrepresented profiles, kidnapping and many other emotional troubles. read more arrow

  • 7 steps to keep your children safe online

    Every parent is concerned about the safety of their children and it is indeed the responsibility of every parent to keep an eye on the activities of their kids. There are many things coming into the ways of teenagers and they get off the track due to some bad people around them. There are many malicious activities like cyber bullying, sexual exploitation, porn websites, useless internet relations and much more coming to the news every day. read more arrow

  • Kids as young as 10 buy guns online! Phonty is required!

    Parents, you have to read this! Police forces across Britain warn parents that more and more kids starting from 10 have been caught buying guns online. Yes, that is true. And the numbers are shocking!

    As Chief Constable Dave Thompson states, kids as young as 10 have been arrested for firearms offences. He admitted that within the past years kids were unintentionally committing serious gun offences by buying the legal weapons on the internet. read more arrow

  • Kids as young as 7 are engaged in sexting

    With the advent of internet and mobile technologies our modern world has changed within past years, so do our kids. Indeed, the change can be especially felt with the toddlers, preteens and teens. For instance, when we were toddlers, to amuse ourselves, we used to eat sand while our modern toddlers use smartphones or tablets to enjoy themselves. Moreover, the sex issue and the corresponding sexting issue have become a challenge these days. Can you imagine that today’s kids starting from 7 see the activity of sexting as part of everyday life? read more arrow

  • How to save your child from bullies?

    Teen age comes with many challenges and the bigger ones are the psychological changes in children. It is the age between adulthood and childhood; indeed the toughest time for teens and their parents. You might be a good parent to your child, but the main thing is to know them from deep inside. It is not mandatory that your kid talks to you about everything going in his/her life. Parents need to be well aware of the activities of their children and specially, if the child is showing some behavioral changes. read more arrow

  • Think your kid is safe? Know it for sure!

    Kids are getting prone to many issues like cyber bullying, sexual desires, untimely infatuations, wrong company, drugs and such activities. You need to be a responsible parent and keep your kids secured by choosing the appropriate ways. Kids can go wrong at any point of time and there are many temptations for them in their teenage to get on the wrong track. read more arrow

  • How to save your child from drugs?

    Drug Addiction is a termite in the society and people are getting prone to this problem in a huge number. Drug distributors make teenagers as their primary convicts by distributing the material to them and making these innocent children addicted and dependent on drugs for the whole life. read more arrow