• Mobile Messengers Grow More Popular among Teenagers

    Social networks have turned into a vital part of our everyday’ lives. Both young and adults are using different mobile devices to keep in touch with each other using free messengers like Viber, WhatsApp and others. They come as a great way to send messages and share necessary content. read more arrow

  • Britain’s school children as young as 12 are experiencing a “sexting crisis”

    The latest research has revealed a devastating statistics. UK school children aged 12 are hit by a severe sexting epidemic. Conducted by The Times, the research took place in 50 different schools across the country. read more arrow

  • Tinder App Grows Popular among US Teens

    Dating applications have taken the mobile users by storm. New services appear letting people find a perfect match online in spite of their location. Dating services make it easy to find a person who shares common interests and hobbies. read more arrow

  • How you can keep your child safe for just $1 a day?

    The times have changed. Modern world dictates its own social rules defined by various websites, social networks and other online platforms for communication and sharing information. The global web has turned into an inevitable part of our lives. read more arrow

  • 7 Easy Tips on How to Keep Your Kids Safe Online

    Today, kids have an unlimited access to the global web. They use their smartphones to chat or perform various activities within social networks and other platforms. They share photos and images. They discuss various issues or use dating applications to find their match. read more arrow

  • 10-Year-Old Kids Spotted Buying Guns Online. Phonty is required!

    If you really care about your kids, you need to read this article. The latest researches have revealed the awful truth. Internet influence can be to the detriment of your kids’ safety. 10-year-old users have been spotted buying guns online by the British police. And this is not the only occasion. read more arrow

  • 7-Year-Old Kids Involved in Sexting

    The title sounds as frightening as the real situation is. The global web brought plenty of new opportunities to its users as well as many different hidden threats for our kids. Shocking headlines appear in newspapers around the world every day. They include 10-year-old kids buying guns online as well as children aged 12 involved in sexting. read more arrow

  • Is There a Way to Keep Children Away from Bullies?

    Every teenager has to face many challenges while studying at school or hanging out with friends. Our kids face many different psychological changes before they get mature. For many teenagers, childhood is the toughest period in their lives as well as in lives of their parents. read more arrow

  • Think your kid is safe? Know it for sure!

    Kids are getting prone to many issues like cyber bullying, sexual desires, untimely infatuations, wrong company, drugs and such activities. You need to be a responsible parent and keep your kids secured by choosing the appropriate ways. Kids can go wrong at any point of time and there are many temptations for them in their teenage to get on the wrong track. read more arrow

  • How to save your child from drugs?

    Drug Addiction is a termite in the society and people are getting prone to this problem in a huge number. Drug distributors make teenagers as their primary convicts by distributing the material to them and making these innocent children addicted and dependent on drugs for the whole life. read more arrow