The incoming calls blocking might be a very useful feature on some occasions, and here is what Phonty allows you to do:

  • check Block particular numbers preventing them from calling a monitored device;
  • check Block or unblock numbers from your Control Panel.
Block Incoming Calls

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Block Incoming Calls?

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Why is This Feature Useful?

How many times did you have to answer the phone without the slightest wish to do that? How many times did you prefer rejecting or simply missing the call? The times of unexpected and undesired calls are over! We introduce an efficient and functional application to block incoming calls with ease. No one will ever disturb you after you install our award-winning service and discover how to block incoming calls right from your control panel or mobile device.

The main benefit of our application is the fact that it lets you block all incoming calls on iPhone or Android of your own as well as your kids, relatives and soul mates. Imagine, that your son has a friend you do not like. Or you wife has a colleague who is more handsome than you. If you do not want them to keep in touch, you can simply block incoming calls on Android or iOS. Your relatives and friends will never know you are using our app to keep time away from troubles.

The application comes with a selection of extra functions. They let you restrict incoming calls from particular numbers. You can unblock any number anytime you need. You only have to use your control panel and manage blocked numbers as you wish. Our application is the best bet whenever you think your kids mingle with the bad company. At the same time, you can use the service to prevent your husband and wife from cheating. Your employees will be concentrated mainly on their primary tasks instead of talking on the phone all the time. Get a full access to our list of amazing features or contact us for more information about Phonty.