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Compatible with Android & iOS

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Essential Phonty Features

Keep an eye on all messages sent via WhatsApp, Facebook and Viber


Track both incoming and outgoing calls


Identify the device location in case it is stolen or lost


Get a full access to all photos and videos on a monitored device


Access the email inbox and outgoing letters


Get control over browsing history of the device

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100,000+ Customers Trust Phonty
  • Ann Garbing, a mom of teenaged twins

    “With so many threats and inappropriate content on the web, I needed a decent tool to protect my children from tons of violent info. Phonty has proved to be a 100% effective software.”

  • Bryan Baldwick, a father of 16-year old girl

    “My daughter is at the age when she wants to feel independent from anyone. She likes to go out with friends, and I need to know where is she. Phonty provides 24/7 information about her location.”

  • Frank Fleetwood, Executive Manager

    “I urgently needed a tool to boost the level of productivity among the employees. Thanks to Phonty, we have reached our prior goals and fulfilled the KPI plan!”

How It Works?
Order Phonty

Go to our pricing section and choose a plan that suits your needs. Then complete a fast registration submitting your valid email address, Follow our simple and intuitive installation guide and complete the payment. That’s it! Now go to the second step.

Set Up Phonty

You can proceed with settings right from your control panel. Access the device you want to monitor. Simply follow the installation instructions you will receive in the confirmation letter.

Enable Tracking

You now have a full access to all Phonty features. Once you have completed the steps above, you can start tacking the device as well as manage settings and make any changes right from your panel remotely.

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Frequently Asked Questions
spy apps Should I have to access the device I want to track physically?

Yes, you should. The installation process requires authorization. The confirmation letter will be sent to a monitored device as well. Please, note that you will not be able to complete the installation process remotely.

spy apps Is device rooting necessary when tracking a cell phone?

No, it is not necessary. On the other hand, rooting will deliver more access to such apps like Facebook, Skype, and other messages.

spy apps Will my children or employees see the Phonty on their devices?

No, they won’t. You can benefit from the “Hide” option that will remove the Phonty icon from the screen.

spy apps Can I use Phonty for a worldwide tracking?

Yes, you can. Our software is compatible with any cellular carrier and network. It does not matter where the target device is located. All you need is to make sure it has a stable connection with the Internet.

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Advanced Mobile Tracking Software by Phonty

Despite the technological progress and great inventions people made over the last few decades, the world has turned into a huge threat. It comes with numerous risky issues that hide in the global web as well as online. For this reason, people look for an ultimate protection tool that will let them establish a 100% secure parental control or boost the productivity level at the workplace.

Mobile tracking software has recently hit the headlines with its full-scale list of features to protect your dearest and closest people from different kinds of internet threats. With so many brands and names in the industry, Phonty has proved to be the most flexible and advanced tracking software that delivers a bunch of essential functions out of the box. Whether you are a parent of teenaged children or a boss who wants to prevent his or her employees from wasting time on the web, Phonty is certainly the ultimate instrument to establish control and device tracking effortlessly.

Essential Reasons to Opt for Mobile Tracker

Everyone needs a reliable mobile tracker today. It is not only about safety but also about staying in trend. On the other hand, it comes with so many great and useful features that you will hardly find a better way to establish 100% protection for your kids as well as boost productivity in the office. Here is why you may need Phonty mobile tracker:

  1. Ensure 100% online safety for your kids when they surf the net or keep in touch with friends;
  2. Ensure 100% productivity in the workplace;
  3. Ensure your device safety whenever it is lost or stolen thanks to GPS navigation and tracking.

Phonty tracking software is compatible with all major OS platforms and mobile carriers. You can install it on your Android Tablet or iPhone effortlessly with just a few touches. It will take care of your children as well as prevent the slightest risk of the corporate information leaking.

An advanced software is equipped with the latest digital security means. In other words, your personal info is 100% protected. It will never get to any third party as well as never be the target for any kind of frauds.

Ultimate Parental and Corporate Control

From this moment, Phonty brings all necessary protection tools to one place. Parents will always know where their children are, what kind of information they look through online, whom they keep in touch with and what content they receive or send. GPS navigation system will track your kids’ phones in real time providing all the necessary information about the location round the clock. Let Phonty guard your family. Download the app now!